IdyleWild Farm

Every day,
my horses empower me with strength. They fill my heart and soul with joy, love and inspiration. IdyleWild is my way of sharing these magnificent gifts
with you. 

Holistic Horse&Humanship


Create New Dimensions of Connectedness
With Your Equine Partner
"Elyssa is the type of teacher that every fearful or timid rider needs. She's sensitive to your fears but strong enough to know your limits. She'll push you to the edge of your comfort zone but not over it. She's open, funny, kind and caring. She'll take your needs into account and create a custom riding program just for you. I know that with Elyssa's help, I'll be riding fear-free and enjoying the passion for horses that lights my soul.”
                                         ~ Christine McKittrick,
Program Manager L&D, MedImmune

Whether they are beginners or returning riders, adults approach horses, horse ownership, and riding with a unique set of challenges, wants, and needs. Although the idea of forging a partnership with a horse fills their hearts with a profound sense of peace, a lack of self-confidence or deep-seated anxiety prevents many adults from realizing the dream.
Elyssa Doner, founder and owner of IdyleWild Farm, specifically designed her lesson program for adult horse owners. All levels of horse-and-human partners are welcome: novice or returning riders, first-time or long-time horse owners, green horses, fearful/timid riders, horses in need of confidence-building or re-schooling, and everything in between. 

Elyssa is professionally certified both as a recreational riding instructor and an equine-assisted learning facilitator. She tailors each and every lesson to the individual needs of you and your equine partner, and 
meets you and your horse where you are and in the moment. In this way, she opens the doors to a place of learning and transformation, and creates the space for you to discover deeper levels of connectedness and communication as you grow your relationship with your horse.

Discover the world of Holistic Horse&Humanship. Explore the complexities of equine communication, culture, and consciousness. Learn why your horse behaves as it does, both with other horses and within the context of your relationship. 
Find your freedom in a safe, relaxed environment, and be the partner to your horse that you've always dreamed of being. 

It's Time to Wake Your Dream


“When I first met Elyssa, I was recovering from a serious fall that had injured me, damaged my confidence as a rider, and unnerved my horse. My horse and I were both a mess. Elyssa not only helped me develop the confidence to go out on the trail again, but she also helped me reestablish a solid and healthy relationship with my horse. Her qualifications and her extensive teaching experience working with both horses and young people with learning disabilities make her a superb trainer of horses, and an equally gifted teacher.“
~ Katherine Grier, History Professor
Museum Studies Director, 
University of Delaware

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