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Every day,
my horses empower me with strength. They fill my heart and soul with joy, love and inspiration. IdyleWild is my way of sharing these magnificent gifts
with you. 

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“Elyssa wasn't just my teacher; she was my first horse "mentor." She instructed me, inspired me, and adventured with me and because of her I've had the confidence to become the horsewoman I never dared to dream I could be.”
~ Jaine Gayer, 1st Grade Teacher,
Maple Lane Elementary School


"When I think of the times I've ridden with Elyssa, I think of how wonderful it feels being out there with nature, being one with the horse. It the most relaxing feeling, it takes everything else away. The times I've been riding have been the best times of my life, and I will always remember and treasure them."
~ Denise Bettinger, Dental Assistant

"Hi Elyssa! I know it's been a while. You may have noticed via FB that I've been riding a bit. An opportunity to lease a horse came up locally just after Thanksgiving, and it was a good fit. And you know, it's all thanks to you. You and Chase gave me the perfect atmosphere to find the Rider in me again, and I wanted to say thanks so much. I'm hoping that I'll have a chance to get together with you and catch up, maybe schedule a ride with you and Chase. In the meantime, give Chase a carrot for me, and Happy Trails!"

~ Michelle Tan Nedved,
Student of Holstic Horse&Humanship at IdyleWild


of Places We've Been


IdyleWild Farm
with Buck Brannaman
~ September, 2013 ~
A Horse&Humanship Experience
of a Lifetime

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